This is the story of Uji Tea Village, where all are welcome to visit.  From the birthplace of Japanese green tea, a secluded town away from the big city, we will teach you about fresh Uji tea and all its varieties.  Although the benefits of green tea have been in the news recently, it is still hard to make time for tea in everyday life and few people are truly enjoying the tea lifestyle.  Unlike the convenience of plastic bottled beverages, tea takes a time and effort, but the reward is in the flavor.  Please enjoy the Japanese tea style slowly. 



When you make tea, you will feel calm and relaxed with your tender mind.Enjoying tea is about having a pleasant time.The pleasure of tea is only half about drinking it, the rest is the enjoyment of brewing.Take a moment to make great tea and you will have a great time.

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2019.3.5–8    FOODEXJAPAN 幕張メッセ スリランカ館4F08

         NilminiEtates工場にて Takada Green Tea Academy 新設


2019.3.25–15.2  ドイツより研修生 日本茶の研修

2019.6.18–128 英国出版社クルー4名の茶産地案内、茶文化紹介、The book of Nihoncha の取材

2019.7.1–14   スリランカ Takada Green Tea Academy 夏講座

2019.10.5–19   ドイツ、ケルン ANUGA世界食品メッセ出展予定、抹茶ステイック、抹茶カプセルの紹介

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