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When you make tea, you will feel calm and relaxed with your tender mind.

Enjoying tea is about having a pleasant time.

The pleasure of tea is only half about drinking it, the rest is the enjoyment of brewing.

Take a moment to make great tea and you will have a great time.

京の逸品茶  京都宇治 高田茶園 茶濃香


We supply high-quality tea from local Uji suppliers, highly regarded suppliers from various other regions, and Excellent  Farmers.  Please enjoy our delicious tea for a moment of relaxation everyday.  Stylish packages also make for great gifts.

茶聖 永谷宗円 生家

香り茶  京都宇治 高田茶園 茶濃香


Sakuraba tea can be mixed with any other tea to add a refreshing citrus fragrance.  Sugarless Japanese sweet tea Amacha has won prizes, and gained popularity, in Western Europe as a healthy tea. 

京の伝統茶  京都宇治 高田茶園 茶濃香


In Uji, Japan's famous production center of high-quality tea, young tea sprouts are grown slowly in covered fields and carefully hand-picked.  Even today, high end teas, like Gyokuro, and Tencha are hand-picked.  The clear, golden color of the water is beautiful.  When sipped, it produces a harmony of sweetness, astringency, and a refreshing aroma that fills your mouth.  The soft aroma and rich sweetness are exquisite. 

How to make delicious tea!


ビストロティー  京都宇治 高田茶園 茶濃香
ビストロティー  京都宇治 高田茶園 茶濃香


A new product from Germany, and a totally new cup.  Each stick has 500 holes which eliminate and dissatisfaction that comes from using tea bags.  Pour hot water over the stick and rotate it to easily and conveniently enjoy authentic flavor using only natural materials.  8 different tastes and fragrances make choosing fun!

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